Commander Comendeer

This is a side scrolling 2D shooting game where the player fights through waves of enemies to destroy enemy-spawning portals.
Game features:
A collection of different weapons.
Particle emitters used for various effects.
4 player local co-op.
Fully functional grid style windows forms the level editor.
3 different difficulty levels to choose from.

Players move around the world and interact with objects to solve simplistic puzzles that gain them access to new areas of the map. To create interesting puzzles, there is a range of objects such as jump pads, buttons, and moveable walls. Each player uses an xbox controller for input, and plays as one of many unique characters.
Players work as a team to fight their way to the various spawning portals and to destroy them.
All spawners are constantly creating new enemies and have the ability to produce an upgraded super-pig with equipped with randomly generated stylish head gear. The regular enemies have a randomly generated appearance as well, and will sport a plain head with a different body, legs, and gun.

Starting only with a pistol and a small amount of grenades, the players needs to gather more supplies. Killing enemies can cause them to drop a present that the player can then pick up. These presents can contain a new weapon, bonus health, or extra grenades, but the players must work quickly to obtain these gifts. After a short amount of time the present will despawn or break apart if it sustains damage.

Check out more information about The Level Editor created for the project.