A first person shooter created for my final project at Algonquin college. The game was developed with a group of eight of my classmates. Jeremy Smellie and I were the two programmers in the team and we were able to complete a large amount of what we set out to do. The game was written with an entity component framework that allowed us to create a wide variety of systems. The group had the opportunity to use Unity as the game engine, but Jeremy and I wanted to create a lot of the systems that would have already been provided to us by Unity.

Enemies in the game world navigate using path nodes similar to the path node system from the Unreal Engine 3.

The world is created using a scene graph that decides which objects should be updated and rendered.

The player navigates the world using sphere on mesh collision and shoots enemies using ray on mesh collision.

There is full animation support for .fbx type models.

The game uses deferred rendering created by Jeremy Smellie. This includes Point Lights, Spot Lights, Directional Lights, and Shadow Mapping.

The player has a large choice of weaponry that can be purchased and upgraded in between waves.