The Shooting Game

This game has two stages to it. In the first stage you are placing blocks in the game world. These blocks will act as walls in the game, because both bullets and players cannot move through them.

You move the block around on the screen using the arrow keys and place it with the space bar. If the cursor is colliding with another block already placed on screen (as shown above) it will appear red and won't allow the player to place the block there. Once all the blocks have been placed the game proceeds to stage two:

The player spawns at the top of the screen and can now move around in the world they have just created for themselves. They can click to shoot and it will calculate a velocity depending on the position of both the player and the cursor. The bullets get deleted when they go off the screen or when they collide with a wall. This was my first attempt at making a user-created level and also the first time that I dealt with tunneling while using collision.